Case Study
Miller Hill

Complete project site set up, remedial excavation, soil stockpiling and hazardous waste segregation and processing of a former industrial dump site and unlined landfill. This site was found to have over 2000 full, partially filled, and empty drum carcasses located throughout the excavation area(s). The entire project was self-performed by Momentum Environmental Services owned equipment and hazardous waste transportation division.

Client: NYSDOT
Start Date: March 2017

Duration: 9 months
Budget: $1.5 million
Location: Hornell, NY

Tasks & Highlights

Select excavation of over 12,000 cubic yards of petroleum, solvent, TCE impacted soil to depths of over thirty (30) feet below ground surface. Select excavation included various means of GPS guided benching and shoring to ensure soil stability and site and sampling technician safety.

Installation of impacted ground water recovery wells, collection and containerization system including setup of multiple company-owned Frac Tanks, Containment, and Tractor Trailer Mounted Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment.

Design, procedure, and build 60′ x 100′ sprung structure complete with 3 phase electric to power intrinsically safe negative air system along with vapor phase carbon air strippers. The constructed building and air handling / stripper system was designed to segregate volatile hazardous waste (solvents / TCE impacted-high VOC road paint) from less hazardous adjacent soils.

Set up complete screening operation to remove several tons of dried paint, drum carcasses, construction debris, and solid waste from the over 12,000 cubic yards of excavated and stockpiled material. The segregation process was handled directly by Momentum Environmental Services with 40 OSHA-trained technicians along with specialized screening equipment also owned by Momentum Environmental Services. The segregation process was able to remove hazardous waste, construction debris, and solid waste allowing for over 11,000 cubic yards of prior excavated soil to pass DER-10 guidelines and able to be re-used on site as backfill, significantly saving the client money on hazardous waste disposal and import material costs.

The project required the complete excavation(s) to be backfilled, compacted, and rough graded. Momentum Environmental Services performed final grade with company owned equipment mounted 3D GPS system to ensure all grades were set to pre-project conditions. Entire 3-acre site was hydro seeded with NYSDOT approved seed mixture.

Momentum Environmental Services successfully handled the solidification and packaging of hazardous waste material into sealed roll off containers, waste profiling, manifesting, and transportation of hazardous waste to an out-of-state permitted disposal facility.

emergency spill cleanup
emergency spill cleanup

Photo 1

Specialized hazardous waste segregation and packaging under an enclosed tent structure; we vapor phase carbon exhaust filtration.

Photo 2

Select excavation and overburden removal, field screening, and removal of drum carcasses.

Photo 3

Removal of circa-1960 paint waste drums.