Emergency Spill Response

  • Tank Truck Specialists
  • Certified Level A HAZMAT Team
  • NYSDEC / NYSDOT / OFPC Regulatory Professionals
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup
  • Unknown / Abandoned Waste Characterization
  • Train Derailment, Rail Car Transfers, and Product Flaring
  • Emergency Highway Traffic Control
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management
  • Full Marine Response Capabilities
  • Fixed Facility Response
  • Full Vaccuum Capabilities for Liquid, Sludge, and Solid Media

Emergency Spill and HAzmat Response

Emergency spill and hazmat response is a specialty of Momentum Environmental Services. Our vast amount of response vehicles and trained hazmat and spill response technicians make our emergency response capabilities second to none. We currently hold several standby response contracts with state and federal regulatory agencies includes NYSDEC. We offer the following emergency services:

  • Level A Hazmat Response
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Transformer Spill (PCB and Non PCB)
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup
  • Mercury Spills
  • Unknown Drums / Waste Characterization
  • Highway and Tank Truck Emergencies and Product Transfers
  • Derailments, Rail Car Transfers, and Flaring
  • Emergency Traffic Control

Roadside Excavation

Emergency Spill Response and Remedial performed in delineated wetland. All remediation work performed with specialized equipment and under the authority of the Army Core of Engineers.

Loaded Tanker Repairs

Emergency Spill/ Hazmat Response and sump repair of DOT 412 caustic truck hauling nitric acid UN 1826.

Emergency Waterway Containment

Emergency Spill Response and placement of over 1000 linear feet of harbor booms in local waterway resulting from fuel oil spill.

Overturned Tank Trucks

Emergency Hazmat response and product drill, tap, and transfer of overturned DOT 406 Tank Truck hauling Gasoline UN1203.

Vacuum Trucks & Trailers

Momentum Environmental Services owns and operates a comprehensive fleet of late model vacuum trucks, vacuum trailers, and hydro excavators. Our wide array of support equipment from frac tanks and vacuum boxes along with various pumps and oil skimmers allows us to tackle the toughest liquid, dry bulk, or hazardous material vacuum job.

Code Vacs - Steel and Stainless

Our 3200-gallon capacity code vac unit operates regularly on liquid cleanout work such as sumps, clarif1ers, oil water separators, UST/ AST cleanouts, among many others including emergency spill response. Our code vac unit is waste haul permitted in NYS and PA for nonhazardous transport and in NYS for hazardous materials transport and disposal.

Hydro Vac

Our 2400-gallon capacity Hxx, Hydro vac unit with onboard pressure washer performs extensive liquid, sludge and semiĀ­solid vacuum work. The unit is waste haul permitted in NYS and PA for nonhazardous transport and in NYS for hazardous materials transport and disposal. Our hydro vac unit provides a soft excavation solution ideal for construction and utilities to maintain safe excavation in locations with numerous underground utilities. The hydro vac provides a highly efficient solution for product removal in a multitude of scenarios.

Hurricane Vac

Our Hurricane vacuum trailer is a high powered, trailer mounted vacuum ideal for vacuuming solids, powders and liquids to be purged directly into a container for convenient disposal. Unit capable of purging product into drums, super sacks, roll off containers and dump trucks to name a few and also equipped to be hooked to a vac box to remove product.

Frac Tanks

Need storage quickly? Momentum Environmental Services has a large inventory or 21 K gallon frac tanks with a wide range of application and containment options.